Student Tutorial Videos Series

March 16, 2017
We added the second video in our Student Tutorial Video series today ” Indexing and Sorting using IDEA“.  Since the HUB is “tool agnostic”, videos across software platforms achieving the same goal (i.e., importing data) are being produced. All videos are ADA compliant. Currently, we are using ACL, IDEA, & Tableau on the HUB. Subscribe today to stay updated on future videos.

ACL Tutorial Video Series Now Available

March 15, 2017
Today, we kicked off our series of tutorial videos. In our first video, we are using ACL and data from the HUB of Analytics Education. The purpose of the video is to learn how to import data into ACL and calculate a simple total. This and future videos will assist students in some simple tasks to aid them in completing the cases and exercises on the HUB. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel today. We hope these videos are helpful to faculty and students.

Updated June 2016 Financial Statements: Coming Soon

March 13, 2017
We are busy working on the functionality at the HUB of Analytics Education. All of the existing data is uploaded and audited. We included other expenses in our Netsuite Account and this is reflected in the updated June 2016 Financial Statements. We expect functionality to be ready by Summer 2017. Student videos on how to use are in pre-production. This includes how to move data into a Business Intelligence Tool using Online Database Connectivity (ODBC). We posted Tableau’s White Paper on our site, Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017.


February 27,2017

We would like to share some of the response from faculty and students about their experience utilizing the material on the HUB of Analytics of Education.

Faculty and Student Comments: “I used the Sales Analysis case in an Accounting Information Systems class to introduce the idea of how to use Tableau and how to prepare data visualizations. The data set was great and the different scenarios were helpful to allow students to understand why and how we would create the visualization. The YouTube videos were great for students who may have missed class the day I introduced Tableau.
-Professor Jennifer Johnson, University of Texas – Dallas

“I used the Inventory tie-out case for my Masters course, ‘Data Analytics for Accountants’. I was very happy to see the cases provided on HUB as they relate to what is being done in the Accounting profession. I know the materials are used by faculty around the country and around the world. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!”

-Professor Lorrie Metzger, University at Buffalo

“In speaking with my manager, she mentioned one element that made me stand out in the interview was my experience working with Tableau and making sense of such large volumes of data. She and others that I interviewed were impressed to see a college student engaged with such a relevant tool at such a young age, and I believe that I owe a fair amount of my success in securing the job offer to this opportunity to work with the HUB of Analytics Education on the Bibitor LLC cases.”
-Matt Atherton (D’Amore-McKim School of Business, 2016), Financial Planning Analyst, Alaska Airlines

Additional Data and Exercises Now Available

February 16, 2017
Here is a list of the new additions: * December 31, 2016 Bibitor, LLC Dataset (Located under the Data menu) * Suggested Solutions for all exercises (Audit and Managerial Accounting) for the September 2016 Bibitor, LLC dataset (Located under the Exercises/Articles menu) * Three new audit exercises with suggested solutions for the June 2016 and September 2016 Bibitor, LLC datasets (Sales Volume Test, Gross Margin Analytical, and Gross Margin Test) (Bibitor LLC -> Exercises -> Articles)

Direction to Incorporate Tableau

January 16, 2017
The HUB is a tool agnostic. We provided Tableau Instruction to assist when incorporating the HUB datasets along Tableau software and Student Tutorial Videos to complete simple tasks.  Provided for you are directions and links to get Tableau Desktop for both educator and student.  Don’t for to Subscribe to our channel to stay updated with future videos. All videos are ADA compliant. 

Bibitor LLC Sept. 2016 Dataset

November 1, 2016
Now available for the fiscal year-end September 30, 2016 dataset for Bibitor LLC. It contains the same variables as the June 30, 2016 dataset.

Upcoming Material for BIBITOR LLC

September 30, 2016
Suggested solutions for the existing exercises using the September 30th dataset are being finalized. These September 30th solutions for Audit Exercises along with the Management Accounting exercise should be available in November.

New Audit Exercises

September 23, 2016
Two new audit exercises are available on the HUB of Analytics Education. Sales and Purchases Recalculations and Excise Tax Recalculations. Go to Exercises/Articles to download them today.