Additional Data and Exercises Now Available

February 16, 2017.
Here is a list of the new additions: * December 31, 2016 Bibitor, LLC Dataset (Located under the Data menu) * Suggested Solutions for all exercises (Audit and Managerial Accounting) for the September 2016 Bibitor, LLC dataset (Located under the Exercises/Articles menu) * Three new audit exercises with suggested solutions for the June 2016 and September 2016 Bibitor, LLC datasets (Sales Volume Test, Gross Margin Analytical, and Gross Margin Test) (Located under the Exercises/Articles menu)

Direction to Incorporate Tableau

January 16, 2017
Directions on how to implement Tableau cases into your course are provided on the Management Account page. Account access links for Tableau for educators and students are also provided within the direction.

Sept. 2016 Dataset Available Now

November 1, 2016
New materials are now available for the fiscal year-end September 30, 2016 dataset. It contains the same variables as the June 30, 2016 dataset.

Upcoming Materials

September 30, 2016
Suggested solutions for the existing exercises using the September 30th dataset are being finalized. These September 30th solutions for Audit Exercises along with the Management Accounting exercise should be available in November.

New Audit Exercises

September 23, 2016
Two new audit exercises are available on the HUB of Analytics Education. Sales and Purchases Recalculations and Excise Tax Recalculations. Go to Exercises/Articles to download them today.

Accounting IS Big Data Conference

Professor Charlie Bame-Aldred presenting at the Accounting IS Big Data Conference in San Francisco.


Launch Day For The HUB

September 15, 2016
The HUB of Analytics Education officially launched on September 15, 2016. Charlie Bame-Aldred presented the HUB and the materials to over 250 Accounting Academics and Data Analysis Professionals at the Accounting IS Big Data Conference in San Francisco. The response was overwhelming, commentary about the material presented declared “your team solved an existing problem that business faculty at colleges and universities face – the lack of a complex dataset.”

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