New Videos: Joining Tables Using IDEA or ACL

May 23, 2017
Check out the new videos on our YouTube Channel. Learn how to join tables with either IDEA or ACL.


May 19, 2017
We have a new URL. The HUB of Analytics Education is located at Please update your bookmarks! We are changing all our existing YouTube Videos to reflect this significant change.

Square Footage For Each Bibitor, LLC Store Location

May 18, 2017
We are in the process of creating the Cost-Volume-Profit Tableau Case for Management Accounting. We just made available the Square Footage Per Store for Bibitor, LLC. Check under Teaching Materials for more information.

The HUB of Analytics Education is part of the Accounting IS Big Data Webinar – Summer Series

May 11, 2017
On June 8th at 3:30PM, hear from 4 pioneering HUB adopters and their experience of bringing Big Data Analytics Education into their classrooms. Learn from their preparation and execution since the launch of the HUB of Analytics Education in September 2016. Hear from these faculty about what worked and didn’t work, and how you can use this information to infuse the free HUB materials into your curriculum. OUR Pioneers: Theo Stratopoulos – University of Waterloo Jennifer Johnson – University of Texas at Dallas Lorrie Metzger – University at Buffalo William Goldman – Northeastern University Register Here for the Webinar!  

June 2016 Period Expenses

May 10, 2017
One of the last pieces of the Bibitor, LLC puzzle was completed this past weekend. We are excited to announce the availability of Period Expenses for the year-ended June 2016.

You can find the Period Expense data file under Teaching Materials/Data Resources/June 2016.

June 2016 Year-End Payroll Arrives!

May 9, 2017
Our newly hired Data Engineer, Suhrud Lowalekar, finished the Payroll data file this past weekend. Suhrud also graduated from Northeastern University’s College of Engineering on May 5th. Congratulations to Suhrud on two wonderful accomplishments. You can find the Payroll data file under Teaching Materials/Data Resources/June 2016 To supplement the Payroll data file, two recent graduates of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business MSA Program worked weekends to complete the Payroll Process Manual and the Payroll Process Flowcharts. Jon Finnerty and Ty Karman worked their “busy season” with BDO Seidman, LLP while completing this work for the HUB. Thanks to Jon and Ty. You can find their work under Teaching Materials/Support Materials Process Manuals or Process Flowcharts.

March 2017 Dataset Available Now

May 8, 2017
We currently have 4 year-end datasets available with today’s release of March 2017 Sales, Purchases, and Inventory data tables. Check out the March data under Teaching Materials/Data Resources. We are busy working on the cases and solutions for IDEA, Tableau, and ACL.

Need Customized Datasets?

May 1, 2017
The Co-Founders of the HUB of Analytics Education are happy to announce a new service. If our Publicly Available Data Resources are too large, we can help you customize a smaller solution for your class. Contact us for more information!

December Audit Suggested Solutions Available

May 1, 2017
We are busy working on the March dataset and the suggested solutions for our existing exercises and cases. Available today are the December dataset Audit Exercises with the suggested solutions. Check out Teaching Materials/Exercises/Audit today.