What is a “Datvironment”?

December 7, 2017

On our website menu, we replaced the word “Company” with Datvironment“. 

A Datvironment is our word to describe a set of materials related to a specific entity. The materials include the datasets, cases and exercises, process flowcharts, and process manuals. All of these materials within the Datvironment are useful in teaching Big Data Analytics in your curriculum. Datvironment is more descriptive of future projects under development, such as the Northeastern Athletics Dataset.

Implementing Tableau

November 7, 2017

  • Student Tutorial Video Series: 
These 16 videos are designed to assist your students in learning Tableau, IDEA, and ACL. Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to get updates on future videos. All videos are ADA Compliant

  • Teaching Tableau 
How to access to Tableau Desktop licenses for educators and students and integrate and Tableau Direction

  • Implementing Tableau
Currently, there are two cases/exercises using the Bibitor, LLC data.
Choose your dataset → Choose your exercises → Download your Data Tables

For further assistant visit our Tableau Software page. 

Students do not access to the Dataset and Support Materials (e.g. Process Manuals and Flowcharts). Educator need to download these materials and transfer the materials their secure teaching platform (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas). 

New Data

November 2, 2017

The September 30, 2017, year-end Bibitor, LLC dataset is now available. We are working on the same year-end for BCGG, Inc. We recently completed the Bibitor, LLC payroll tables for September 2016, December 2016, March 2017, and June 2017. We continue to refine our methodologies to make these datasets available faster.

  • We are revising the Bibitor, LLC Other Period Expense data table for June 2016. This revision paves the way for all year-ends for Other Period Expenses. Revised financial statements for June 2016 and newly created financial statements for the year-ends through June 2017 will follow.
  • Vendor Tables and Customer Tables will be available soon.

Big Data Analytics and Data Visualizations: Teaching and Tableau

October 27, 2017

On Wednesday, November 8, Midori Ng, Academic Programs Coordinator for Tableau, will conduct an hour-long introduction to teaching with Tableau. Currently, there are two Tableau cases/exercises using Bibitor, LLC Data as well as Student Tutorial Videos and support materials, including directions on obtaining a license.  We have more Tableau cases/exercises in development. Thank you Tableau for your commitment to helping our faculty expand Big Data Visualization tools into our curriculum.

UPDATE: Click here to view the video.

Student Tutorial Video Series

October 13, 2017

In our commitment to help educators infuse Big Data Analytics into higher education and secondary education, we edited our Student Tutorial Video Series to conform to the American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA).  The video assists in completing various tasks Tableau, IDEA, and ACL.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Page to get alerts when future videos are produced.


New Dataset Release: BCGG

September 18, 2017

We celebrate our one year anniversary by giving more datasets to faculty around the globe. Our newly created company, BCGG, Inc., is now available. There are 5 year-end datasets with Sales, Sales Invoices, Purchases, Purchase Invoices, Beginning and Ending Inventory, Prices, Customer Listing and Vendor Listing. There are also process manuals and process flowcharts for Sales and Purchases. There is more to come.
For example, we are creating cases and exercises for Tableau, IDEA, and ACL and new variables in the existing data tables.

If you have ideas for cases and exercises, please send them to us.

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary

September 15, 2017

Thank you to all the faculty and students around the world who supported our mission.


Coming Soon: One-year Anniversary and the release of our wholesale company BCGG, Inc. 


Success Story: Matt Atherton

August 16, 2017

Matt Atherton was featured by Tableau as part of their Generation Data series.  Matt is a Northeastern alum who utilized Tableau to analyze the Hub’s datasets in Professor Goldman‘s Strategic Cost Analysis for Decision Making course. Matt leveraged his Big Data and Tableau skills to land a job with Alaska Airlines.  Read Matt’s Story here.

2 Years of Bibitor, LLC Data = 30+ Million Records

August 10, 2017

Today, we released the June 2017 Dataset for Bibitor, LLC. This is the 5th year-end dataset available on the HUB. It also represents the first year-end with a prior year’s dataset for comparability (June 2016). We are busy working on IDEA, ACL, and Tableau Case Solutions for our new datasets. Stay tuned.