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Audimation Services

Audimation Services offers various services to help accounting and financial professional extend their auditing capabilities, detect fraud and meet documentation standards. Their extensive experience in statistics, accounting, finance, forensics, econometrics and scientific computing help you overcome challenges and optimize processes.  
IDEA powerful and user-friendly tool
  • Conduct more efficient and effective audits, while improving audit quality
  • Increase value of audit findings with complete, 100% data coverage
  • Identify risk and control issues before they impact the business
  • Improve productivity by automating procedures and eliminating manual tasks
Training Videos: Illustrating the basic function in IDEA v10
Classroom Support Available

It is effortless to obtain an IDEA license, just click here
Need more in-depth video? Visit IDEA Online Videos, a series of short tutorial videos illustrating basic functions in the new IDEA v10.

To facilitate the integrating of the HUB dataset while using IDEA, IDEA Instruction.
Read IDEA implementation White Paper discussing Integrating Data Analytics into the Financial Statement Auditing Class in an Efficient and Effective Manner Using IDEA.