Bibitor, LLC

Bibitor, LLC is a retail wine and spirit company, with 79 locations within the fictional state of Lincoln. Depending on the year-end, sales can range from 420-450 million dollars and cost of goods sold can range from 300-350 million dollars. The total number of records in the dataset is 15 million. This includes sales transactions (12.5 to 13 million records) purchase transactions (2.3 to 2.5 million records) and inventory.

For the main processes, sales purchases and payroll, there are process flowcharts and manuals that describe the business transactions cycle. This company also has the state of Lincoln demographic data and industry data for the wine and liquor business provided by Dunn & Bradstreet.

The materials are owned by the HUB of Analytics Education and/or the Authors. The information used for development and creation of the dataset and supporting materials was publicly available (User Restriction).