The HUB of Analytics Education dispenses Open Educational Resources (OER) to faculty in Higher Education. These materials were developed by faculty members, Executive Professor Dr. Charlie Bame-Aldred and Lecturer William Goldman, from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Our mission is to provide free materials that assist faculty around the world when implementing Big Data techniques in their curriculum.

Available Now: Bibitor LLC

We constructed Bibitor LLC a retail liquor chain company that sells wine and spirits in the fictional state of Lincoln. Company sales range from 420-450 million dollars and cost of goods sold range from 300-350 million dollars. The teaching materials provided include a large transactional dataset, with supporting information (e.g. Process Manuals, Financial Statements, Demographic Data), cases and exercises with suggested solutions, and teaching notes for Auditing (ACL or IDEA based activities) and Management Accounting (Tableau based activities).
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Coming Soon (September 2017): BCGG, Inc. (Bon Chic, Grand Genre)
BCGG, Inc. is a wholesaler that sells fine wine and spirits to 75 plus customers located in several states.  
The materials are owned by the Northeastern University and/or the Authors. The information used for development and creation of the dataset and supporting materials was publicly available (User Restriction).