HUBbub March: IBM Watson Analytics -Christopher Gomes

Christopher Gomes
Data Analyst & Co-Author

Christopher Gomes, a Computer Science and Business (CCIS & DMSB, 2020) joined the HUB team in May 2017. Christopher’s interests in machine learning and data mining were a natural fit for the work he would do for the HUB. He started working on the case updates for Bibitor with Tri Ngo, another HUB team member. It became apparent early on that Chris was capable of much more. Chris and Tri set to work on creating BA Toys Datvironment, successfully developing the current draft under review. This led to the current project, producing cases for Bibitor using the IBM Watson Analytics platform. Co-Founder Charlie Bame-Aldred recognized Chris had the ability to stay calm no matter the problem he faced. “We want to get our team members involved with projects, including taking on leadership roles. Chris demonstrated on multiple occasions that he was up for the challenge of leading a large team.”

Looking back at his time at the HUB, Chris is amazed at how much he has grown since he first began at the HUB. “If someone told me a few months ago that I would be using technologies I did not even know existed and lead actual projects, I would have laughed.” Chris also mentions how his time working at the HUB has made him feel prepared and confident to continue his professional career in data science. “It is not just about learning to use new tools. The HUB is a place where I have the autonomy to define and solve problems. At the HUB, I feel like an actual contributor, and I have enjoyed having the freedom to creatively work with others.”