HUBBub January: Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy

Ryan was a member of the MSA cohort that got the first version of Bibitor, LLC. “Professor Bame-Aldred created this huge data set on Wednesday and handed it to us on Thursday. He gave us one instruction ‘Audit the company using a Big Data approach’.” Ryan and his team created workpaper tests that identified a errors in the dataset. Many of these tests are the basis of cases found on the HUB. “I wasn’t starting my job until October. I asked Professor Bame-Aldred if he needed any help. For 6 weeks, he and I worked to create the 9 existing audit cases on the HUB for Bibitor, LLC.”

These 9 cases use ACL and IDEA. There are currently versions for 4 of the 6 year-end datasets on the HUB. “During my first busy season, I would come in on Saturdays and Sundays and work on updating the cases for the new year-ends. I really enjoyed the opportunity to keep getting better at using the different tools.” Ryan is an Audit Associate with RSM in Boston, Massachusetts. This busy season, Ryan will devote a couple of his weekends to working with the HUB Co-Founders and two other volunteers, Chase Wilson (BSBA ’17) and Dan Omicinski (BSBA ’18), updating the audit cases for June, September, and December 2017.