HUBBub January: Chase Wilson

Chase Wilson

Chase recently completed his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University. He is currently working on his MSA, but from January to May he has some spare time. “I don’t start with KPMG until October and my MSA classes don’t start back up until May. I asked Professor Bame-Aldred if he needed any help during the spring semester.” Chase took two classes from Professor Bame-Aldred in 2017, Financial Reporting and Internal Auditing. “We got a taste of the Big Data Tools and I got more exposure to the HUB this past fall.” Chase and a team of 12, including work-study and volunteer students, will update existing cases, transform cases into new technology platforms, create new cases across each technology platform and create new datvironments. “Professor Bame-Aldred explained that each time they create a new dataset, each case has to be updated to incorporate the new data.”
Here is a short list of the volunteer projects for the spring 2018:
-Create BA Toys Datasets
-Process Flowcharts(Sales & Purchases)
-Process Manuals (Sales & Purchases)
-Create audit cases for BCGG, Inc in IDEA & ACL
-Create and Update Management Accounting cases for BCGG in Tableau
-Update Audit cases for Bibitor, LLC, March 2018
-Create NU Athletics dataset
-Create Audit and Management cases for Bibitor, LLC and BCGG, Inc in IBM Watson Analytics and more…